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writing or drawing a wish on paper and burying it under the rose tree is a tradition that many people practice in hıdırellez, even if they don't believe it. in an environment where we were discussing whether or not this happened, a friend said that it did happen in a very serious way. how we said, he told me. my mother drew a picture of our house on a piece of paper. our house is on the first floor and there is a pharmacy below us. naturally, he drew it as well. he drew a car in front of the house and wrote toyota on it and buried it under the rosewood. "well," we said curiously. pharmacist bought a toyota two months later.


if you eat salt in the evening of hidrellez and see that you take water from someone in your dream at night, it is rumored that the person who gives the water will be the person you will marry in the future.


it is the comedy of looking for a rose branch in the middle of the night and the funny event that is the subject of strange domestic dialogues: mom: it's a sunday night, all you want, draw what you want sister: can you draw a picture of happiness, mom? dad: someone should draw sharon stone for me selene: can't we print it?