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i guess the moviegoers who always emphasized the length of the movie and said, "wow, it wasn't that boring," were always watching short films. the godfather, which many cinephiles can't put down, is 175 minutes, the sequel is 200, and the director's cut version of once upon a time in america is 229 minutes. i can give tons more examples! so what, long movies are being shot too! don't repeat the same thing like a parrot anymore, read the movie, say two original things! edit: spelling


the movie that requires awarding even the scene of the man who doesn't slide sideways just because it feels cold.


--- spoiler --- i said that the moment the wood is thrown into the fireplace, those coins will burn. because chekhov. --- spoilers ---


the film that was nominated for the "best foreign film" in this year's oscar awards from the country. come from zaytung once again; ''the country is proud of the international success of a novelist she hasn't read, and now a director she hasn't watched''


it is the last film of nbc, awarded with a golden palm, and slapping the hypocrisy of the slacker bourgeoisie, who squinted at the dirty worker sitting next to him on the bus in the subway, squinting at him with disgusted eyes, and made a profile picture of a miner without wasting time on social media after the soma disaster. watch, make watch.