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herr mannelig

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medieval ballad about a mountain troll wanting to marry the knight mannelig. so that the troll can become human again. he offers her gifts, a good life, devotion, and the knight rejects her because she is not a christian woman. this story occupies an important place in the pagan roots of northern europe, based on the asatru tradition. sad story of the knight who failed the impossible by not trying, lest you do that in the future, man is human, even if he is a troll*.


although the haggard interpretation is also good, the swedish garmarna interpretation is a scandinavian folk song, which i think is better and more suited to the medieval theme due to the sound of the language*.


haggard comment is also $ahane..


ballad where no interpretation is as beautiful as the garmarna version. emma hardel's influence is undeniable, of course. also, it's my personal anthem, i can't help but sing, listen, whistle, guitar, flute or something every day.


the song that should be listened to in its original language. although haggard's interpretation is very beautiful, it seems that we would be able to capture the feeling of the story better if a mountain troll woman said it instead of a woman with a very beautiful voice. for this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the garmarna interpretation as one of the best interpretations. of course, we have to give this song to our brother peter jackson and make a video clip he deserves.