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helter skelter

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also (see u2) says: "this is a song charles manson stole from the beatles..we're stealing it back..."


u2 cover is bad, marilyn manson cover is worst, aerosmith cover is good, siouxsie and the banshees cover is interesting even if it is a little unrelated to our topic, pat benatar cover is respectful, oasis cover contrasts with the title of the work, noir desir cover is mediocre, mötley crue cover is the best. but of course, none of this can spill water on the beatles' hands.


song by the beatles. where are the others, where is this? what did you use in it? honey? this is such a sweet song.


english phrase meaning headlong, hastily.


this is the song that those who think the beatles are all about "hey jude", "all you need is love" or "yesterday" don't know. for me, it is one of the songs that made the beatles the beatles. for others: (see strawberry fields forever) (see a day in the life) (see: sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band)


it is just one of the songs that once again explains that the beatles are the best band in the world. at that time, i think punk could have been performed most perfectly like this. (bkz: i adore you beatles)


the beatles' hanged song. it is rumored that charles manson came to fill from this song and followed his gang on his arm, raided roman polanski's house and killed pregnant sharon tate plus a number of other people. it is in the white part of the white album.


eng. all kinds of fucks (see: alpay erdem)