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if they are the perpetrators of the attack in kadıköy bar street, pleasant things do not await them. attacking the public is not a forgivable act, they shouldn't say "why are they doing this to us" the day after tomorrow.


(bkz: crazy turk coming out of hell)


there is probably nothing more tragic in the world than the fact that this wasp-based club has a chapter in the country. because the kofti nationalist hanzo "outlaws" of my hometown, who devoted themselves to this club that discriminates against race, language, religion, uproots immigrants and sees muslims as terrorists in europe and america, are either very ignorant, very stupid or very wannabe. or each.


the only good thing they did for the world was the rolling stones banishing the big-breasted older sister who was trying to go on stage during the 1969 altamont concert.


i used to think that these guys are the types who are strong in their work, do not harm the environment, and hang out among themselves. it turned out that it consisted of a number of ropeless and stemless scumbags. thank god they are wearing their uniforms, they are easy to be recognized by the police.


if they want to create anarchy and fight, it is a community made up of skinny, unemployed weak men that i would suggest they fuck off with their motorcycles and make a scene in places like black customs, hacihusrev, gazi district.


the group including the alleged perpetrators of the attack on kadıköy bars street that took place tonight.

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