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even in 3rd world countries, they can buy it from the grocery store. so what is this insistence to not bring it?


marlboro's brand of heated cigarettes. works with philip morris' iqos system. packshot


all my yellow stocks are gone. i can't even smoke normal cigarettes, this is bullshit. (it's ridiculous that heets is not sold in the country) i can buy 10 cartons of yellow from friends who don't have the price of gram gold, who don't give a price of 300 tl and say the right price, that is, they can give an old price. we used to buy in the 200-230 tl band, armenian ukraine etc. what is an extra price of 120 tl per carton, opportunistic guys.


new generation cigarette that will go on sale in the second half of 2017 under the name of "heets from parliament". the pack is half the size of a regular cigarette pack and you smoke it by attaching the cigarette to a device called iqos. think of it like an electronic cigarette with tobacco. it is said that the harm of smoking is reduced by 90 percent. i saw it, i liked it, it's worth it. it has already broken sales records in the far east. it's always a berry here right now. ad is taken*


illegal tobacco product in the country. friends, the reason why it is not legal is the first reason that comes to your mind. don't think too much.


currently, there are people who can go to the grocery store, buffet anywhere in russia and get as many heets as they want, it's unbelievable my country...

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