heavy damage record

heavy damage record

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at the time of the damage; are the damage records where the damage amount is equal to 40-50% of the second-hand price of the vehicle. also, over 15,000 tl at a time, etc. alone does not mean anything. eg. porsche panamera stop lamp change, bumper, workmanship etc. the authorized service repair cost is 45.000 and the damage is shown on the tramer as registered, the heavy damage is not registered.


it is the name given to vehicles that have been assembled and made up with the cheapest parts, the worst workmanship and the lousy materials by the insurance company. and somehow none of these vehicles were in an accident. almost every flat in the country has a parking lot, but all the cars are covered with flowerpots, so let me sell the mother. i guess everyone is parking under the balcony! --- spoiler --- example: since a flower pot fell on my car, he said the front hood, tank, headlights and windshield. mayer --- spoilers ---


i'm reporting from the insurance company: don't buy it guys. repairs are cost-oriented. nobody cares about your safety. description: damaged vehicle type


they are usually inflated claims records to get extra money from insurance. otherwise, these vehicles will become friends, sorry.


a record whose presence or absence should not be considered data on its own. they told me something like this. the car had a serious accident. whether the owner is a body shop or a motor mechanic, he repaired the vehicle without reporting this accident to the traffic. and now this vehicle doesn't even have a damage record. i'm telling you, the paint-obsessed friend! will you buy this vehicle?

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