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heater beetle

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they're like road runners. as soon as you see it, he has already returned to his nest in the other room and started to mate until you bend over to smack him on the head and take off the slipper on your feet. if i don't say that now he eats, reads, kills time, and turns to okay in his coffee, i have a thing. because that number cannot be reached in a short time with an ordinary mating like you and me. we have taken the sin of rabbits all these years, maybe one day if i go into the porn industry, i will choose my company's logo as a heating beetle. get off my bench!


he is a creature who does not put his hand in his pocket for the gas bill even though his name is a heater beetle.


when i was little, i thought the heater bug was like a heater.


you can't get rid of these bitches with toys sold as pesticides in the markets. go to a pesticide shop and tell your problem. bayer has very effective poisons. it is available in both powder and gel form. you pour/dribble these mints on the corners of the cabinets and taaaa. they take root in a month, they do not come back for at least 2 years. the best part is that it is not harmful to pets. of course, don't pour it on your cat's food just because it's not harmful. something amazing..


as a result of my observations (see: student house), they are cockroach-like insects that live in the kitchen, which usually appear around 3 am and retreat to their nests at around 5-6 am. again, based on my observations, i can say that if you leave the kitchen light on at night, they are not visible much. there are also insects that reproduce in a strange way. now, if they have a politician at their head, they do not breed in three, but in twenty, they must be wanting to create a free labor paradise. *


these sons of bitches gnawed around the bass outputs of our stereo speakers and condemned me and my family to high-pitched sounds.


creatures that i feared after i saw that they formed a small-scale colony in the pipes that distribute gas to the eyes of the stove, as a result of my endoscopic research on the very low burning of all four burners of the four stovetop stove* i bought from an old school when i was a student. if someone says, "hey earthling, take us to your leader" tomorrow, i will not hesitate, i will obey your orders...