heartbreaking details about life

heartbreaking details about life

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the question asked by the born deaf child: - does the sun make noise as it rises and sets ?


the beautiful 7-year-old girl who has had leukemia since the age of 3.5, said to a pair of sad eyes when she was undergoing the operation, "don't worry mommy, i'm used to it"... from that dreadful knotty place where words cannot be found: sleep in peace, angel. edit: i still get condolences from time to time because of our angel. she was the daughter of a relative of ours, believe me, i can't imagine the pain her mother went through.


two women have been rubbing marble for exactly 2 hours. with our hands. lots of water. my sandals islandi. never mind. rub your bass part my mom says. the lilies are well smelled. i say they are beautiful. he says rub the marble. i'm rubbing, mom. both with my hand. now i sat on the edge of the cemetery in the back. i lit a cigarette. i look at the marble that i have rubbed well and at the soil that smells like wet. my mother says it was very good. my husband was immaculate. we also did the holiday cleaning. "happy holidays dad, i wish you were here."

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