headache after alcohol

headache after alcohol

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rainy weather is better than pain relief. there is nothing worse than starting a sunny day after alcohol.


it's also a sign that you're getting old. when we were at university, we wouldn't have a headache no matter how much we drank.


it is the pain that continues from under the eyes to the neck, makes life unbearable, and even makes you think of cutting your head. the reason can be summarized as alcohol reduces the amount of water in the body. it makes a person regret what he did at night, until the next sip. (see: the one who loves the rose bears its thorns.)


while drinking alcohol, there is no pain when drinking water.


it's not a great reason to quit alcohol. if you want to wake up fresh in the morning, if you don't drink like there is no end, if you drink 2 glasses of water or alka seltzer before going to bed at night, you can overcome it.


(see alka seltzer)


it is a headache felt because 1 unit of alcohol takes 9 units of water from the body. which is said to be depleted primarily from the cerebral cortex, which causes pain. drinking 2 glasses of water before going to bed will cause no pain, and drinking 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up will relieve the pain within 15 minutes. oh, and he advertised with the slogan that efe raki would not cause headaches when it first came out. that slogan became history because it is against anatomy and physiology.


of alcohol; condition resulting from fluid loss as a result of the body producing more urine than normal by inhibiting the secretion of vasopressin, an antidiuretic hormone.