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he doesn't like to be called "walt disney of capons".. he may be out of respect for disney, he may not like him, he may not like being compared to someone else.. if you ask me, it is unfair to make this comparison to him because he is a personality that is way above disney. disney has also added a lot to the world of cartoons, but miyazaki is a completely different person, a person who can be called a god in this regard..


the hardworking master, whose birthday is today and turned 80. endless thanks for all your fairy tales, your wonderful imagination and your strong and yet naive characters who have inspired me most of the time.


“i believe that the souls of children are the heirs of historical memories from past generations. so as they get older and experience more, these memories go further down. that's how i feel i need to make films at this depth.” he creates works beyond cartoons but with cartoon naivety.


in many of his movies, we can see a scene like this; our hero is standing. his enemy is coming towards him, he will either straighten his sword, or knock down his machine gun or claw. our hero shouts: "stop! i want to talk first!" what do i do with a man who persistently gives the message that we need to talk first in all his films? i kiss your hand, i will rest it on my forehead bro..


his works: you to chihiro no kamikakushi (spirited away) mononoke hime (princess mononoke) tenku no shiro rapyuta (laputa the castle in the sky ) nausicaä of the valley of wind(kaze no tani naushika) kiki s delivery service (majo no takkyuubin) my neighbor totoro (tonari no totoro) porco rosso (kurenai no buta)


the super personality that sev okyay described as "his stories are as old as the world and make you feel brand new".