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traffic gangster terrorist attacking pregnant woman


he is a son of a bitch.


human scrap attacking a pregnant woman.


a case that is tried to be acquitted by beautifying it by its mercenary dogs. he was a man of faith. what's wrong with me, am i a god? you will beat this like a dog in front of your wife, daughter and grandchild, you will damage your honor and humiliate it so that he will think before doing such animal things again. because such vulgar animals lack empathy and cannot comprehend without experiencing it firsthand.


it's a bloodless dog. you're a son of a bitch and the whole country knows this fact now you fucking fucker.


city thug, terrorist, scam, who went through the safety lane and entered the right of way, then blocked the car with a pregnant woman and a woman, and when he couldn't take his anger, he attacked the rear view mirror like a wild animal and jumped on the hood. i hope someone like you will meet your wife one day and she will do what you did.


think he used the vehicle in the image below, not the vehicle in the video he was recorded while he was doing a calamity attacking the pregnant woman and her vehicle, who did not give way to her when she noticed the police while driving on the safety lane and wanted to return to the normal series: https://eksiup.com/p/8x48375kj6w7


the owner of the baklava, sedioglu, is traffic magandasi comar. do not eat, do not make them eat.

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