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he was my regimental commander. he provided thousands of novices who had come from his village with the opportunity to buy "these crazy turks" books cheaply, and gave the regiment a library. that's how i remember him.


retired colonel, who is said to have serious allegations about pkk sites. i don't know if it has had an impact on the unsolved, i don't know if those unsolved people are really innocent citizens. but when those who portray the baby killer as a hero insult the soldiers of that period, it makes me laugh.


we have also seen that there are types who question their patriotism. this type also waved to ali türkşen. these two heroic the officers carry the honorable conspiracy medal along with many more. this is a height that your petty ambitions will never reach. so keep cursing all the way honey.


after the programs on the subjects, there are those who look here. let me tell you this as someone who watched the courts in silivri about this man. at that time, he had an answer to the judges of the feto, which everyone was ragged about, "i don't want you to be released, i don't want people like you to be released even though i know this sentence upsets my family". every time he made a defense, he was giving the fetö judges one tune after another. in other words, even in those conditions, he did not appear to be in trouble of being evacuated. he was worried about what we could do together as a country.


--- spoiler --- when we got off the gunboat, i leaned towards his ear and said apo once upon a time... --- spoiler ---


he is a patriotic the person, even though there are those who try to be discredited for fucking the mother of so-called innocent terrorist bastards. he is an atheist. it's not racist, you can see that very clearly. he also saved the lives and property of many innocent kurds many times. but supporters of terrorism continue to shit with their mouths. babala showed how kalender, how brave, what kind of man he is on tv. i hope we always watch.

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