happy never dies

happy never dies

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a new series in the style of maftatic comedy, which will start airing on atv on november 11. the plot is similar to the movie good family boy starring the late kemal sunal. our naive idiot replaces the very similar mafia boss and things develop.


the series that i just wanted to watch the 7th episode on video site and gave up when i saw that it was 2 hours and 53 minutes without ads. okay, it might be nice, but what is 3 hours? is this the lord of the rings.


an under-advertised series. looks like a good thing. but i guess it won't stay on the screens long. i hope i'm wrong because it looks different from dramas full of intrigue.


in my opinion, the best drama of the season has failed.


competent dikinciler portrayed the character of bahtiyar incredibly well. i was torn in the scenes they played with my friend elver at the wedding. by the way, it's nice to see friend elver after a long time.


an entertaining series that also added fatih doğan to its cast. competent dikiciler is very successful, but i cannot say the same for hande subaşı. too dry, too mimic, better be a model. my favorite memduh and anil made a good couple.


don't mind the crew that shits without watching. it was a really funny drama.


it was a good show, but i'm not sad that it's over. because the guy named semih Öztürk was playing. for what reason was this recruited? the producer needs to punch the cast manager.