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the website pumping for its launch has now tasted squash. it used to be once a day, this number has increased to 2... think about it, what kind of propaganda does the channel of a man who spends so much to introduce this lady to us, under the title of "news" all day long... think about it and after that he read the news like ntvspor'un.


"if i can't say schweinsteiger, thank you, but if i say red devils, it's a big problem" oş!


(bkz: say more red devils)


it's as if southampton couldn't breathe after "red demons". oh thing.


the speaker who officially invited you to sin when he said red devils. very bad; http://www.sondakika.com/…eiger-kelimi-7507947/ let him do such things in the meantime.


the woman said such beautiful red devils that i should put her to the pain of those who contributed to the making of schweinsteiger and naming it. don't upset this woman.


she is very classy when her hair is long and straight. i have nothing else to say, judge.

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