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while most men want to sleep with another woman every day while they are married, hank moody is the person who wants to be married even though he sleeps with another woman every day...


he is the man who entered the charts at number one with the words "i love women. i have all their albums".


he is one of the most magnificent superheroes ever created, who can have both a raised coin and his own moral standards at the same time. ah, if it were true, i could consume gallons of bourbon with him over the top, but i would never neglect to take care that my wife and sister were within 1.5 km of him.


no matter how much a woman he hates, he wouldn't leave her on the mountain at midnight, he wouldn't cheat on her when he was with the woman you love, he just never oppressed the woman he had sex with and never wanted to be humiliated by men, he wouldn't go out with anyone... lad.


he also said to his daughter, who is interested in music; "whatever you do, don't be another brick in the wall." (see: pink floyd) (see: the wall)


"if you don't feel like wearing a condom and your chick insists you do, get an alka seltzer and pretend you're wearing a condom. it won't matter because of the dim light." said the supreme personality, who had split. you know, there is the lion that lies in the hearts of these girls; at the same time sympathetic, attractive, vagrant, romantic and artistic. he is a really successful character, i think there is no man in the world who does not envy watching the series in question.


the bastard who might one day be the reason i started smoking.


“i've lost a lot of battles, but i've never lost sight of the war. my goal is to fight my way to a day when we're old and gray and she looks at me and says 'i'm glad you never gave up.' until then, i fight. no retreat, baby. no surrender.” hank moody*