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one word of the sentence that people use as an excuse when things go wrong is "now you have a handicap here bro!! what am i doing?"


also means apology, fault, obstacle.


is despair. for example, typing "i'm bored" instead of "i'm bored" is the "handicap of the english keyboard". killing the language and typing 'skldm' to get away from the problem. it is the handicap of a keyboard without the characters.


in iddaa, it can sometimes mean the same as double luck. eg: a favorite in a - b match. if 2 predictions are placed on 1 goal handicap, this coupon will be awarded if the match ends in a draw or if team b wins the match. this is already a double chance meaning 02. vice versa


the word, etymologically based on a 17th century betting game called hand in cap.


unfavorable situations, getting into trouble, necessarily breaking out of a push... comes from the english handicap.


as we learned from our esg hozo; “the difference between the value of the items laid out in a bet is first determined by an arbitrator. then the parties put their hands in a hat. if they come out with money, the appraisal is accepted, if it's empty, it's rejected. it's called "hand in cap", that's where the handicap comes from.”


its origin is a 14th century game called hand in cap. (not a greasy belt though.)

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