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han is launching a brand called this. he's been writing coming soon for months. probably will be on sale next year, combed leggings terry sweater. and someone recently asked a question like "will it be like a classic influencer brand". hande said, "this is my profession! i'm a fashion designer". unfortunately, we saw tights and t-shirts in brand posts. i hope he designs something a little different.


a person with a look that evokes the feeling of "what if i sleep for another five minutes".


the girl who sells clothes for 1190 liras. someone on twitter posted a photo of the dresses he sold as a girl who bought trench jeans for 3 liras from the market. and hande taser commented on that legend: i pay more for quality things, and that's what should happen. this is not what it should be, hande. it is very inappropriate for people to describe everything they do as what they should be normal.


promised myself i wouldn't write about this kind of little girls. (see: stopmakingstupidpeoplefamous) but i can't stand it because with my cousin's suggestion, i looked at this girl's instagram the other day, it was original and colorful. then i thought it was inspired by someone i follow, but it turns out that most of them were just uninspired until the caption. something like it was copied from the accounts of two original and very cool instagrammers named mariejedig and maxinewylde.


the first video i watched was the video where he made fun of the video siters, and when i heard the music of groups such as the do, l'impératrice, i thought there was someone mocking the perception of collective appreciation of social media. he was someone who posted extremely "cool" selfies - serious faces and food photos with his hands sticking out - addressed to that weird instagram audience that wrote "so beautifulseaaaan" comments. pass.


she is a beautiful girl, but i have never seen such a brainless person. obsessed with instagram like events. and he constantly argues as if he is doing an important job. ok share what you want with us what your transition photon i don't know why. he asked all the celebrities, video siters with many followers, it seems like it will reap the benefits. but you're so talented, it's hard for the front of the screen, so keep drawing or something dear.


red hair, colored eyes, white skin etc. i also like the criteria, but i think none of them could save this person. he is an overbearing, soulless, repulsive person. i don't think he is beautiful. i couldn't love him as a character either; my purpose in life is to post a photo of a disabled cat on twitter and make fun of it, to buy a fox fur coat of an unnecessary brand called saks potts, etc. it's an indication of how empty a person he is.


when she looks beautiful from afar, her intelligence comes to the fore:d