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anthony bourdain, who was wandering around as my favorite thing, added vision to the barzo's palate, and even pretended to faint from the taste for a while. in ustad ferran adria, after every bite of anthony, he poked anthony with his elbow, threw something in spanish and giggled and made us laugh. http://www.elbulli.com/timeline.php?lang=en


the restaurant where 2 million people apply and 9 thousand people can make reservations for the next year.


in 2010, the restaurant will operate from july 15 to december 20.


(see: http://www.elbulli.com/) but if you are interested in these things, it would be beneficial for you to read and enlighten this book: http://www.amazon.com/…ay-at-el-bulli/dp/0714848832


a restaurant no different than a chemistry lab.


3-michelin-starred molecular gastronomy restaurant headed by ferran adria. the restaurant in spain is open only 6 months of the year, and in the remaining 6 months of the year, ferran andria and his team close themselves in a laboratory and work to develop new recipes and new techniques for that year. el bulli also won the first place from heston blumenthal's fat duck and was chosen as the best restaurant of 2006.


restaurant that could do great business if its outlet was opened. now, these guys are locked in a kitchen for 6 months and are always making new dishes... isn't there a man who will eat those new and experimental dishes and be a guinea pig and pay like shit! of course there is. what if i ran that shop... i would even make money from the cologne handkerchief!