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- born in the country - 15th in the list of the richest people in the country - the name comes from the - the source taken to america for the first time by the turks - industrially made by danone by learning from the turks in thessaloniki; the yogurt, greek yoghurt


he is romantic, who makes a statement in the format of success stories saying that he came to new york with a backpack, but between the lines of the same interview, his father, who is a tribal leader, sent him to america for language education and that he bought a factory with the money he gave him. ps: it's not my father if he had given me the money to buy a factory, i would be the logistics king of the middle east today*...


marketing "chobani" as "greek yogurt" reminded me of how mehmet Öz said "greek coffee" when talking about the coffee. [https://www.change.org/…s-500-year-old-history-droz petitioning tim sullivan dr. mehmet cengiz oz, the-american tv show host: celebrate the coffee culture's 500-year-old history @droz]


the businessman who distributed 10% chobani shares to 2000 employees through a system he called chobani shares. with this reward system, employees would earn an average of 150 thousand dollars. the value of the brand is increasing day by day. another issue is that for many years, employees earn close to $1 million. if he had continued his business life in the country, he would have been pressed by uğur dündar in an underground business and condemned by the public due to the policies of the the state to intimidate entrepreneurs.


in his speeches in the country, he is the person who tells that he went to america as an adventurous young man. in his speeches in america, he says that he escaped from the country because he is kurdish. i don't know if it is a yoghurt maker or a strained yoghurt maker, but it is a very good sherbet based on the pulse.


the yoghurt king of america, whom we just met and chatted with in chobani soho. he was actually a very humble person. he said that he was abandoned to the property and that we should not believe most of the articles about him. he got on his jeep with his private security towards the chalet and left. and the the evil eye gifted him... we couldn't ask; you say 'brother kurdum', you sell greek yoghurt, you present the evil eye, what is it?*