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it is a barbershop where i had to give another barber to have the hair cut for 70 tl and have it fixed by another barber.. i was so grateful to the barber who fixed it that i left a tip of 30 tl. the man turned me into the characters of a series of zero, duh. instead of using a comb, he cut my hair with the comb that was removed from the razor. i should have understood from there..


the shop that i made the mistake of following on instagram for a while. his words and actions while filming the girls he cuts his hair are extremely disturbing. they apply the 3 models they already know to every head, hipster wannabe friends run with salt.


noticed that all the short hair she cut looks beautiful because of its owners. otherwise, as seen in the videos, she cuts her hair very carelessly. there are videos of cutting a hair, as written above, even i am more jealous when cutting someone else's hair. she dives at his arrival with scissors. though creating a beautiful looking hair by diving into its arrival is a talent after all. anyway, the reason i follow the stories is the chubby apprentice here. terribly cute.


the poor place is the place where our wannabe stupid girls waste their mother's and father's rights, their own blood.


even though his shop is very close to my house and i was looking for a good hairdresser, i stopped going as i read about him. tastes are indisputable, you can find good what someone else finds bad. also, the cuts he put on his instagram account are very beautiful in my opinion. of course, it is obvious that he put his favorites. however; arrogance is one of the things i hate, and if so many people claim to be arrogant, there must be a grain of truth.


*the barber of the human being who writes on the wall of the house of el alem on the first left, here, here, and advertises himself*. whenever i pass in front of the shop, someone always sits in front of the shop and sticks their hooves on the pavement and prevents me from passing. so human(!) so.

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