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according to merdan volcano, when kenan evren came to visit the günaydın newspaper in 1985, he left the building and did not meet the murderer. the known person who could not digest this invited the entire newspaper management to the mansion and then had the name of haldun simavi removed from the newspaper tag. the person some people should sadly learn today.


it is rumored that ibrahim tatlises had a soda bottle inserted into his known area on the grounds that he was hanging on to his daughter. (see urban legends)


the person who is rumored to have brought ibrahim tatlises' certain area closer with a soda bottle is not haldun simavi, but his brother erol simavi. these are all urban legends, of course. also (see: how ibo became ibos)


he is one of the most interesting figures in the press history. (see: painted press) (see: painting newspaper)

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