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the name given to the chapters that make up the legendary part of the jewish religious books.


each of the parts of the talmud, which is the civil and religious law text of the jews, telling the principles and orders with stories and parables.


the name of the prayer read in "pesah". actually it is not prayer. it is read like a prayer, tells about the lived myth. it has a lot of rituals.


the haggadah, which means "to tell" in hebrew, is a book composed of scriptures and rabbinic scriptures that are read on the eve of passover, which commemorates the atonement of the jews with stories, songs and special food about the migration of israel from egypt and the reclaim of the promised lands by moses.

the most famous is the sarajevo haggadah. thirty-four pictures are found in this manuscript book, which contains many narratives from the creation to the death of moses, on calf leather and bleached parchment paper. for this book, which is still in the national museum of bosnia and herzegovina, see. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/sarajevo_haggadah