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i don't understand why his birth in 1984 is emphasized so much.


a young actress born in 1984. he reflects the characters he plays very well on the stage. he is a theater actor that i would like to see in better places and quality projects in the future.


who is gurhan altundaşar amk? these are very nice moves!


either the man is successful and fuck off. levent kırca wrote and acted in over 400 episodes of skits. the man you call gürhan is a successful player who has been known for more than 1 year. wait 10 years and then make this comment. there were idiots who declared manuş baba the peace mancho of the new age. you love to put someone in someone's place.


levent kirca, deceased -he was capable of doing the script, editing, producing of a 1.5 or 2 hour program, even if he couldn't do any task that comes to mind -he did all the preparations for make-up, costume, etc. -most importantly, he made fun of political figures. no comedian can be like levent kirca for a very long time because he will not allow it


untalented, one-of-a-kind player. it can go beyond çgh to the most mediocre movies. his face is not soft for every role. open the door was the best spot he could come. they turned it into a series from a sketch and ruined it. it doesn't make sense to do it all the time just because something is good. don't get bored folks.


(see: dawn sezer, new kemal sunal)


talented, qualified and obviously smart player. i think it will suit the screen as well. this place is very valuable, no doubt.