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the film, which the british film classification commission defined and banned as insulting to humanity, due to the sadistic acts and torture scenes one after the other. --- spoiler --- the last scene is not looking for the movies. the bad guy will cut her head off her body, then that head that popped into the air will come and bite the bad guy's neck. --- spoilers ---


if it is released, it will be one of the movies that most people will leave halfway through.. we know, we are talking about the trailer here,…ndividualandvideoid=49237697


it is a movie that those accustomed to torture porn can watch without difficulty. even though i find the phrase "saw and hostel are just a snack" on the poster exaggerated, i can say that "grotesque" carries flavors from both films. the most challenging scene for me, since i have a phobia, open spoiler - nipple cutting with scissors - shut spoiler.…9/08/gurotesuku-2009.html


(see: grotesque)


a japanese movie that pissed off the brutality incident.. it's already banned from being shown in the uk!..


for the first time, i tried to watch a movie by closing my eyes with my hand like a commodity. i owe them a debt of gratitude for making me live this cliché... or i've given up, god damn you. every slanted-eyed movie i watch turns out to be more insane than the previous one. there is always something better in these mental patients.


natsuo kirino's novel in which he deals with many issues related to japanese society and men in general, through the murder of two prostitutes. i think it is a masterpiece from a literary point of view. how can it be written so beautifully, woman, even when i'm writing a water entry, i want to read it. its translation is not very good but:…=booksandqid=1181648201andsr=8-1


brutal movie that i think was shot sponsored by makita. chainsaw is not so intrusive, my dear. did i make a trope, what.