gum recession

gum recession

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discomfort that can be seen before and during the menstrual period in women, unlike other causes, which can go away in a few days.


one of the worst events triggered by stress. after a while, it bothers the body so much that it makes the gums bleed from brushing teeth all day long, and it also makes the mouth taste. i'm sorry but...


there is gingival recession and bone resorption. yesterday the first session of deep cleaning was done, the whole mouth was anesthetized and the cleaning took about 45 minutes. there was no pain or cold-hot sensitivity during and after the procedure. i will go to the second session 1 week later, the doctor informed me that this session is more control and the completion of the missing or overlooked areas. if there are friends who need treatment, do not hesitate to do it, although it looks scary, there is no such thing. you also feel the freshness in your mouth the next day.


the problem that started for me after i bought an electric toothbrush. i think it's still in its infancy. normally, i would brush it with a very hard brush, without paying attention to its direction. i guess i will try to go back to the normal brush and brush it from red to white. i hope it's back to normal because that part of the tooth is really sensitive and that's very uncomfortable. i recommend that those who do not experience this problem pay attention to this type of brushing.