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became the face of the last operation in the world press. made a great defense. conveyed the facts to the us and world public opinion. quality flows from its parts. i applaud with my palms exploding. halal halal halal. the woman is a hero.


why don't government officials transfer information to their own country's citizens with such meticulousness? are we animals are we maraba? don't we deserve this style? definition: cb consultant who gave information to foreign sources about the 'peace spring operation' in good english, without being arrogant, arrogant, or greedy.


he gave a blue screen for 15-20 seconds when asked to him, "how did thousands of isis members cross your border so easily?" he gave an error in the interview i watched.. but the woman is right. what can she answer? she won some time by saying i can't hear you. anyway, and the west did not support us and said, etc. but the facts are not like that of course.. when davidoğlu was prime minister those irishists came from europe and asia and easily passed through our borders to syria.


the academic woman reminds me every time i meet her, “adolf hitler was close to highly intelligent, talented and eloquent academics. but none of them had a conscience.”


very interesting. akp media declares henri barkey, director of wilson center, as the organizer of the coup. he says that the wilson center planned the coup. but recep tayyip erdogan, an academician from the wilson center, is his chief advisor. someone is making fun of us. those who seem to be against each other today, how much are they against each other in reality?


i thought it was a new betting site, when i saw the aybet involuntarily. our psychology is broken because of illegal fags who are constantly texting the phone lan


noble woman. i watch him with admiration. you see how ugly they get when the presenters can't hear what they want to hear, when the truth is slapped in the face, right? despite this, he boldly defends the country's theses and tells the truth with his fluent english, keeping calm and keeping his style. she is the modern hayme ana in our eyes. god bless and help.