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group alzheimer's

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music group that made irony by singing the song don't forget me.


laboring street musicians, whom i knew a little late with their songs in which they interpreted the window poem of friend intelligence Özger. good to know. window


it would be better if they didn't at least not read kurdish or continue with that soloist. (see: straight)


the music group with the most creative name in our country is net.


i thought i could not listen to my verses from someone other than the deceased*. because all the songs aside, that aside. group alzheimer sang with heartfelt accompaniment in a sad clip. by the way, the clips (at least the ones i watched) were clipped from old movies. how beautiful... now, one must listen, with a drop of tears, among the flowers stretching their necks towards the sun, the trees that fill their branches with fruit, and yes, in a sunny air of joy. *


they said (see: you didn't live), i always thought that nobody could sing ahmet kaya songs better than him. they sang it so well that i have been listening to it over and over for several days. another beauty is that they took parts from the movie and made a clip for this song's clip (see: the color of heaven). you were born and raised but you didn't live


they have neither disbanded nor forgotten that they were founded. they changed the group name. now they continue on the road under the name of fall. i also leave video site channels here: fall on the road


they may have even forgotten that they were installed rather than disbanded based on the name.