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with the identity of oliver Queen, in the suit, there was a full-blown honey sweetheart. is human so similar to human?


there is a rumor that he died for a while, but he appears again in the environment (maybe someone else, i don't know, walla) in short, in one of his adventures, a girl comes to our character while playing basketball and starts a conversation with him, the conversation comes to green arrow, she asks, "do you know her?" my uncle "yes we're pretty close with him" chick " come on, do you think i'm stupid from there, you think you can hide yourself by putting a mask on your face?" he ruined our uncle by saying...


green lantern also came to his aid a few times... he is from the batman team that didn't kill...


a series about green arrow olivier queen, called arrow, will start on cw next season. i hope it will be long lasting like smallville.


the modern robin hood in the comics world and i think the character that has a special place for dc...


oliver Queen, a millionaire, hunts down criminals by making all kinds of equipment, besides being a robin hood-shaped arrow killer with a goatee. we can also come across the extraordinarily helpful green arrow in the adventures of characters such as superman and batman. the albums of this crazy and funny hero of star city that we haven't touched yet are wardir and war.


(bkz: superheroes who can't hide their identity)