goztepe training and research hospital

goztepe training and research hospital

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if you have someone you know from covid19, be constantly on the lookout. some fake doctors are officially experimenting with drugs on humans. we have filed a complaint with the ministry of health. stay tuned, they might kill your patient and say he got sick and died.


it is the biggest ssk hospital of the anatolian side. it is also the only ssk on this side with an intensive care service and an inpatient emergency. (see empty see find and fill) (see: goztepe ssg)


if you go to the emergency room here and you have a real emergency, you will most likely die. i took my grandmother here as the closest hospital to us. 82-year-old woman diarrhea, vomiting, unable to stand. we went to the ed and they said there is a queue for 82 people, please sit down. i got the biggest fuck the century has ever seen when the mountains across the street collapsed. he came to the emergency room with a runny nose in his fucking hometown. i gave the money and took it to the private hospital. you cannot live otherwise in this country.


hospitals... whatever you leave the door with in your hand, they will be represented in your mind in the following years. with your newborn baby... with your gallstone... with examination papers that do not give heartwarming news... ... or with the funeral... göztepe ssk is my uncle's, my father's funeral for me!...


an old friend i just visited, the queue was a bit long. i was able to see the doctor in about 30 minutes, but he took good care of me. i love the doctor who asks what i want rather than what i have, friend. he did not use the antibiotic and did not send it, like the others, i already put in a mouthwash, 250 grams of painkillers in a pinch of cough syrup. he didn't even bother with bargaining. we get angry with these healthcare workers, we whine, but fortunately they exist, of course they can be criticized, but i'm glad they exist anyway.


after the signed protocol, its new name was sb istanbul civilization university göztepe training and research hospital.