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the chef who took me from me as he became a meme* on the internet. examples: mushrooms ** chicken** chicken 2 ** steak** pork** duck*** my favourite*** soup**


the chief master hasan gave the setting. man, he has a michelin star, he didn't listen, you know, he crushed the man... video site/watch?v=veevdw5egya


in the last season of masterchef, she cooked with the contestants in an episode. but the only difference is that he found the 60 minutes given to be too much and he spent half an hour walking around the studio, stretching his feet and drinking coffee. in the remaining 30 minutes, he produced a meal perfect for graham elliot's "must be taught" style commentary. the man is clearly a showman, but it suits him so well that you cannot criticize him.


user under the video on video site; he is the chief who laughed with the comment "there is no room for racism in this man, he hates everyone equally".


he is a psychopath that i really enjoy watching. if he had a chance to see what they are trying to do now (see: masterchef the country), he would definitely put the producer first, then the juries and then the contestants one by one to the michelin stars he won, dip them in sauce and slowly cook them on a low fire. its the most amazing gif for those who missed it and those who want to watch it again


ultra-mega-chef who hit the self-confidence of our people. who is he this gordon ramsay??? video site/watch?v=veevdw5egya