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judging from the trailer, it looks like one of those rare the movies where the types with hairballs on their faces and dressed as horse thieves don't make fun of accented the. you can go even just for this feature.


the audience who will go to watch this movie will be playing games on the computer, i predict that there will be problems at the box office, if they broadcast the movie live on twitch, it will be watched more.


since lol is for watching addicts, not playing addicts, it is a movie that will have a lot of viewers. that's why they play gamers, not players.*


i went to support. it was very cliché, first of all, it could have been done much better. unfortunately, the target audience is young people. of course, there is something like that, if you had put pictures of afra for an hour and a half, i would have watched it again. i do not understand how god created it with care. god bless you beautiful girl. hidden from my fiancee, you are the girl of my dreams. kissing.


the movie i was ashamed to watch the trailer for. (see cringe) is also not the world's first esports movie. i don't understand how ignorant it is to advertise as "the world's first esports movie" when there is rise of the esports hero and free to play.


although the shooting standards were simple and there were fast transitions in the editing, it was an enjoyable film. i'm looking forward to the second of the series sir.


what was the need for a movie like this? even real sports movies are struggling at the box office. who will watch esports? don't say teenagers, the target audience of this movie will score 2 matches instead of going to the movie.


as i noticed from the video site comments, the phrase "enable windows" appears at the 16th second of the trailer. do you laugh or cry although there was a similar situation in the country before, this is also normal.