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the man who plays the role of lover wonderfully. it's not like that. i've watched how many tv series-movies, they're all the same. no man, does he look so beautiful even when he falls in love with the girl he thinks is a boy! oh, and be careful when he laughs, god forbid, you might want to fall in love and run away to korea


south korean actor, born on july 10, 1979. especially as coffee prince in choi han kyul is watched.


very good and yet humble south korean actor. during a fan event he attended last december, he notices a fan filming him and winks at him somewhat involuntarily. immediately afterwards, he is ashamed when he does this. incredibly cute. the event i call video site/watch?v=tmwh9wnxzas takes place after 1.40 of the video. he's been killing us lately with his acting in goblin. we love it so much.


one of the most talented korean actors along with jo jung suk. it's mostly about his acting, not his looks. her type is also extraordinarily cute extraordinarily wonderful of course *


the man whose smile plays the character of han kyul, who is the equivalent of the definition of ideal man in the kdrama coffee prince, is beautiful enough to change things in the world.


he is a very sympathetic brother who is suitable for my age. it can also be called the lee min ho of women over 30. at least not feminine, it has all kinds of expenses. he did his military service, he came, it was complete.


korean actor who automatically creates the feeling of smiling when he smiles. it can instantly put you in fangirl mode, be careful!


a the expression that means a sympathetic face with a beautiful body.*