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golden goat

the baby food brand that we switched to with the advice of our doctor.

after the birth, our doctor, whom we continued in the first month, recommended the food as a supportive when breast milk was not enough.

golden goat

the brand of goat milk-based baby food. it has a claim that fresh milk obtained from goats raised by feeding naturally in the greenery of new zealand has its natural characteristics and advantages.


golden goat

after reading on the internet by which company all the foods are produced, their ingredients, how long they have been in the market, their origin, which ones are good in general, golden goat was the first food i bought.

in the first days, we gave only 30cc support, we did not have a problem, but when the dose went up to 120cc, he had gas problems and constipation.

we took aptamil and started doing it 1-2 times a day, although it reacted better. we switched to aptamil comformil. the shortage has decreased.

later, when he gave golden goat again, he could not do it again for 1 day, the boy turned red because of pushing.

if i were to talk about golden goat no: 1, we had constipation after 4 daily doses.


golden goat

this was the first food i bought for my little girls. however, one of the girls did not like the taste and did not eat. the other did not cause any problems because of what we gave. gas etc. i can not say he did the problem anyway, my babies are too gaseous.
we also bought aptamil, hipp and evolvia for those who don't like the taste of it. she chose evolvia, little lady.


golden goat

we gave this to our baby, who is now 4 months old, from 3 weeks of age, due to breast milk problem.

notes for those who are curious;

perfect for preventing gas pains. we gave her another brand for the first 3 days. however, when we started with this one, the gas problem decreased to almost none.

our baby's development continues very well. height weight is at the upper limit

because it is a less sugary food, we are somewhat comfortable.

no toilet problem etc.

one handicap: a bit expensive.

after all, breast milk is important. we gave breast milk for up to 2 months, even if it was ticklish. of course, for the tiny monster, that was not enough.


golden goat

it is a milk mixture containing only 40% goat's milk. there is no alternative to breast milk. breastmilk is best for infant feeding, if not enough, formula milk is an alternative. see: ministry of health baby nutrition legislation


golden goat

feeding babies only with goat's milk (see megaloblastic anemia) can cause
a type of anemia due to malnutrition in infants fed goat's milk predominantly poor in iron content.
the amount of iron and folic acid it contains is very low compared to other foods. in addition, there is almost no difference between the number 2 and the number 1 formula in the nutrition table, which contains question marks.


golden goat

unknown exactly what it is.


golden goat

food tastier than aptamil and bebelac.


golden goat

new zealand formula recommended by some doctors for babies with cow's milk allergy, number 1 up to 6 months, number 2 is used after 6 months, 1 box is about 68 lira, absorption by the body is easier than the formula made from cow's milk and the baby has less gas problems, still, most babies with cow's milk allergy are also allergic to this goat's milk formula, which means that if there is no solution, you have to give them a disgusting dead fish-like food like neocate, which is completely diet food in allergenic conditions, but because babies over 3-4 months develop a taste for palate. it is a great grind to feed these foods, there have been those who have added vanilla and molasses to it, but we have not succeeded in this, we expect the baby to overcome the allergy spontaneously, and when we have to, we use some creams for allergies.
in short, if your baby will have to eat formula in the early months, especially if you have suspicions about allergies {rash on the skin, eczema, mucus or bloody poop, not being able to gain weight, moodiness, insomnia, crying}, start directly with these neocate derivatives, otherwise you will not be able to switch to this formula in the future. they do not accept babies, you can still use foods such as aptamil, hip, golden goat when there is no risk of allergies, moreover, if you issue a report from the doctor for foods such as neocate, the state will meet it free of charge, you only pay 20 percent because these diet foods are quite expensive 1 month ago, 160 lira, if i am not mistaken.