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--- spoiler --- at least you would swing a sword aq --- spoiler ---


a very bad bastardized army in the series. i had to understand when they started working for the pretty cersei that shit was going to happen. (see: aegor rivers) (see also: bitter steel under gold)


it took 2.5 minutes in total to be destroyed, let's go 10 minutes according to the timeline of the series, what was the heel of the commander's back?


---got spoiler--- it took about 15 seconds for this elite, majestic unit of 10,000 men, with their golden armor, to be smashed by the whistle of a dragon. ---got spoiler---


there is nothing spoiler. 20 thousand people are trying, they are trying the legendary military vacuum, they are trying to come for 2 seasons, they showed it in the bells section, 200 people died without doing anything. the audience shouldn't be made so stupid.


whispered army. disappointment.


if one day you feel useless remember the golden company...


group of mercenaries founded by aegor "bittersteel" rivers. although the mercenaries were not trusted, the golden company did not break any contracts. in this respect, it is a reliable community. their motto; "our word is good as gold" and "beneath the gold, the bitter steel" --- spoiler --- returning to westeros alongside aegon vi targaryen. --- spoiler --- (see house of targaryen/#42852693)