gold digger

gold digger

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it's a cute name given to rich men and women who are together because they're in love, ooops, to milk their wallets. (bkz: ann nicole smith)


money hunter. women who have sex with a man for money, regardless of their criteria. the couple probably has too much age difference between them. i hope it's not around.


the men next to them usually have a horse thief type, a big face and a physique like an ashura cauldron, the types are the same as if they came out of a single lathe. edit: i just typed "from lathe" corrected to "single lathe", thanks for the warning intrigante


freeloader, easy-going, vigilant, torpedo balls that make their butts work against older uncles and uncles. they call the bear uncle until they cross the bridge. they exploit as much fruit as they can from that uncle, filter the profit as much as they can, and start looking for new and bigger geese to be plucked when they gain enough profit. they also kick the knights they temporarily stay on. definition: the name given to those who earn their life not with their intelligence, hard work, and labor but with a certain place.


dishonorable, weak person who takes advantage of his wife's meat and milk. they are famous for dominating other people through the opportunities their spouses have.


the type of person who starts to exploit those who are cruel enough as soon as they receive the marriage proposal.

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