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her only specialty is that she is the daughter of abdullah Çatlı. i didn't see any other feature. in my opinion, there is no more or less than hakan thanks and uğur ilarak in terms of his contribution as a member of parliament.


daughter of abdullah Çatlı, who tells about his father's life in his book named 'my father is Çatlı'.


graduate of saint benoit... we didn't know who abdullah catli was at that time, but he was a close friend of my friend kemal horzum's daughter, who actually had a relationship that wasn't too difficult to understand... he got married last week, as per his father's will, he was married to a man who was uglier than his father. will continue to use catli surname...


http://www.catli.com/gokcen.php the person/author/?? whose short cv you can find at this address


his father kills the alawites, does research on them and eats bread. stop your hypocrisy.


he is a lecturer at istanbul aydın university school of foreign languages and teaches english at undergraduate and associate degree levels. at the same time, he is continuing his phd in british social anthropology.


name-surname combination that can cause the illusion of coken cati.


the nephew of baby killer and terrorist ringleader abdullah Öcalan deserves to be in parliament more than dilek Öcalan.