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came to kabatepe from istanbul in 3 hours, but it took 12 hours to get on the ferry. i queued at 7 am, now we're going to the island. being a relaxed man, i slept in the woods, read books, discovered features of the car that i had never known before, watched resource fights. dozens of dishonorable sons got into the queue and got on the ship. some were beaten and returned. coming to this island has never been so difficult. let me give credit to those who contributed. they're going to take the shit out of here too.


the island whose mother was bored to renew the pavements for 3 months. 3 months! a normal municipality would finish it in 3 weeks. they just burst the water pipe in my house. they are looking at the flowing water like a lame. i have never seen such an incompetent group of people in my life. from the very beginning to the hardest, they are all property.

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