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(see: caner and tulin)


something like the kind of creature or a race that is said to be close to the end of the day, that will try to destroy the human race and cause great harm.. of course, it is very likely that it is metaphorical like most things.. maybe it's a virus or something else.. mahdi they are destroyed by the great doomsday..


as of these days, he has embodied in george w bush and tony blair.


creatures that will appear out of nowhere. if these are viruses, we expect the mahdi to naturally be a molecular biologist. wow, what a surprise the whole world


they live behind the walls built by alexander the great to protect the turks. these walls are under the ground and its location is not known. (magically, probably central asia) they wear down these walls every day. and they are small in stature. they will rise to the earth near doomsday.

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