go on vacation alone

go on vacation alone

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the action i'm carrying out in antalya right now. today is the second day and i am talking with sun loungers.


it is trying to apply the 1-2-1 tactic instead of 4-4-2 in life. 1 person goes on vacation, if everything goes well, 2 people go on vacation and 1 person returns home. as can be seen, keeping the midfield crowded is also very important in this tactic.


it is something that only people who have reached mental maturity, can stand on their own feet, do not need the presence of another person to travel, and are self-confident can do.


if you have the opportunity, try it in a city in europe. as you wander the streets, enter random pubs and wander through cultural heritage, after a while loneliness pushes you to socialize with different people. nothing else comes from experiencing other lifestyles. otherwise, i'll go to the beach alone, it's not for me at all. if i'm going to go on a sea vacation, i prefer to go with a friend.