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when i was in primary school, all of gülten uncle's books were published by the same publishing house, and on the back of each book were the cover pictures of other books released by that publisher: little lord, 20 thousand leagues under the sea, heidi, two years of school vacation and many more children's books that i can't remember. i would like to see and read the same books every time, but i never had the money to buy them all. when i had money, my interest turned to books for the upper age group.


he is the author who gave a generation the habit of reading books. thank you person.


this woman also had a book of horror or horror, i don't remember the name. a family was sitting and eating chicken. then they all started to ache, so much that they were writhing with pain. then the chicken in their stomachs was saying, you killed me, you plucked my hairs, you got sick, you ate and so on. they were trying to go to the doctor, but the doors of the house were locked and such a disaster. it turns out that one of their missions was to make us all vegetarian. for example, i can't eat chicken and chicken with the taste of the mouth.


in my primary school years, i had read the book many times if there were children in the world. bringing the science fiction genre, which is already rare in the literature, to children's literature is a behavior to be appreciated.


still tremble every now and then and get scared because of the book they were four brothers. what the hell was that, what was i going to primary school 3, my brain was bulging. --- spoiler --- first mother, then grandfather died. the youngest brother was staying in the village with his father, i think the eldest was going to someone as a servant. i think the other 2 sisters were being beaten. when the father died, something happened to the youngest sibling, what the hell was going on, anyway, they were meeting at the end 10 years later or something, but was someone missing, was he dead, what was it? i was tense while typing. --- spoilers ---

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