gin (drink)

gin (drink)

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the drink first produced in england during the industrial revolution. it was very cheap back then. workers can drink this drink in the evening and go to sleep early. so they would get up early in the morning and go to work. i am a liar of my world history teacher.


when taken together with lemon juice, the lemonade setting is something, but max. 3 minutes later, the drink shaking his head, shouting "i'm here, i'm here, i'm the master at this job".


if it is drunk in the form of shots, it is the dirtiest among the known drinks (for example; vodka, tequila, raki, whiskey, rum, cognac). (for example; the shot of t drink made from the sap of the z organ of the y plant by the members of the x tribe of africa may be stronger, but where can i find it?..)


it was first produced in the netherlands in 1600. leiden university professor of medicine francois de la boe created the drink that is still drunk today (for some reason) by mixing and distilling alcohol and blackberry extract. although it was the dutch who found the gin, it was the english who made it a world-famous drink (another reason not to drink it). gin production techniques have changed over the years, and orange and lemon varieties have also become popular over time. the most famous brands are gordon and beefeater.


it is a drink that i can't understand how it is mixed with tonic and i think it is wasted by drinking it this way. mix vodka with whatever you want, my friend; it's already pure alcohol, zero aroma, zero taste. but gin is like that.. it already has a tremendous flavor of its own. throw in a slice of cucumber or lemon, lime, whatever you find. a bit of ice, ohh. keep it on your palate, remember me while you drink it. optm byes.


the drink obtained from the bark of the juniper tree with 47% alcohol content and which i took out of my life years ago because i had a stomach ache every time i tried to drink it*


what a shame, it's also known as "wife's drink" (it's called a lady, not a wife) . the reason for this is not because gin is a light and pleasant drink, but because it does not stink the breath after drinking. in ancient times, our vigilant ladies were aware of this feature of the genie and made it the leader of their drunken entertainments that they arranged in secret from their husbands. (see: women's matinee) (see: day) (see: intellectual)