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it is a kind of movie that cannot easily get rid of the feeling of helplessness it creates. that's why i don't like this style


the group that fascinates with their song "interview with the angel".


they praised it a lot, but it was a movie with plenty of honours, in which disturbing scenes were mixed like soup and thrown on you. it doesn't look good on the eye like this. by the way, while the blonde woman in the movie, the girl dressed as justin bieber in deadpool, was shooting a scene with glass, the glass actually burst in her face and they needed 70 stitches. unfortunately, the scars are permanent. sued the producer or something. it's a shame.


too much action, too much chase, too much twist, too much jumpscare, too much shouting and screaming, it's a pascal laugier movie that has turned into ashes. gaps in fiction, lame dramas, deux ex machinas, baht returns. how easy is it to make a horror movie, it's like an ancient theater.


production is correct. nice to see mylene farmer. this time the consistency has taken hold. the movie, which is one of the rare examples of the genre in recent years, together with starry eyes. frankly it was a surprise.


the new horror movie of my favorite director pascal laugier. we eagerly await. also on the roster is mylene farmer. trailer:


the 2018 france/canada co-production really does justice to the tension. they showed that it is possible to make a quality thriller without sound plays without jinn, fairies and spells. also, the fantasy and reality transitions, the leading roles are very successful and the imdb score seems low, in my opinion, it should not be less than 7.7/10


i just watched the movie. but instead of writing about the movie, i came to curse the mother of the director (see pascal laugier) who caused the girl's face to split. they kept saying punch the glass hard, throw harder. the girl asked and the guys confirmed if it was safe. couldn't you make it out of a material that doesn't cut the fucking glass? it's as if the pimps are saving the world, but that scene is realistic. they almost ruined her life for a movie with a broken ass.