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the number of editions of the books of four authors (halit ertuğrul, yavuz bahadıroğlu, vehbi vakkasoğlu and salih suruç): approximately 20 million.


indeed, it is a publishing house where you can see the books of many young people or families in anatolia. it is a publishing house with cheap books that contribute to the reading habits of the nation in one way or another, unlike the authors who write such high literature and knock down incomprehensible articles and books. three authors have sold 4.5 million copies. but enis batur, for example, wrote 80 books and 250 thousand of them were difficult.


it was transferred to a businessman from the congregation 2 years ago due to the crisis. i think they must not have fixed it either, it is the publishing house that was sold or will be sold to erkam broadcasts.


did business with a publishing house and when i researched who this publishing house was, contrary to what many people know, it was the generation movement led by mehmet firinci gulec, not the gulen community.


who did you say to the newspapers who are the most read authors, our three authors have sold 4.5 million books in total, the conservative publishing house that made most of them mad, the best-selling books come out of this publishing house according to their own figures, the mentioned authors (see: yavuz bahadıroğlu) (see: halit) ertuğrul) (see: vehbi vakkasoğlu)

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