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(see: dead washer) (see: eating dead meat)


a successful short film work with its dark atmosphere, which gives a very good mood of a mother who has a child after rape. it seems like we will hear the name of its director, merve İnce, quite often.


in my opinion, they are the people who do the hardest job after autopsy specialists. not everyone goes as a rose-like corpse, the beheaded, the burned, the child... they hold up really well.


videos related to this profession; • video site/watch?v=vqc3v37mrua • video site/watch?v=84jqbsjdhw0 • video site/watch?v=myfulccuywk • video site/watch?v=vqc3v37mrua • video site/watch?v=84jqbsjdhw0 ://video site/watch?v=cxtff62njpw • video site/watch?v=lzfrc1d0eiq


today i had the opportunity to meet an older brother who does this profession. i asked the question why a person would do this job, which is the question that most people who will visit this topic wonder about. from what i've said, washing the dead in the country is a profession that pays well.


before the pandemic, i was going to the gym regularly. one of those that coincided with the time i went was gassal. although i was a little surprised when i first heard it, my surprise did not last long. one day "why would you be afraid of the dead?" he even said. isn't that right?