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the place where i washed my father. it's cold and the last place to stop before leaving. also, if you are a person who believes in islam or if your relative is a believer, it is recommended to wash at the same temperature as you would while alive and with gentle movements. it should not be thought that he died somehow.


cold and unpleasant place where you can enter at the expense of seeing your loved one one last time. the place where i last saw my dear grandmother... but a humble advice, wherever you saw people for the last time, it usually stays in the visual memory and whenever they fall into the mind and heart, the brain calls that last frame, and a memory like mine is neither erased from memory nor erased from memory. it's being devoured, so don't enter that door if you can, don't even look at it for the last time, let your loved ones come alive with good memories in your dreams.


the room where the dead are washed by an officer called gasal, usually in the morgue in hospitals, before being put in the hearse (hence the coffin). if he does it many times a day, he doesn't feel much anymore.. i was really upset when i saw that gasal could wash a dead body so easily.. i don't recommend anyone to go here, you'll go to bed when it's done on that cold marble stone..


the place where everyone will enter various times in their life standing up and once lying down.


it is the last station where you can see the face of the person you love, after the packaging is completed, it is returned to the manufacturer.


the last stop of the dead before they are buried, the memory of which is not very good. bathing place, coolers, coffins and, of course, the dead of the day. at first one thinks about the psychology of the gasals when one enters there. "what the heck, the man is washing the dead all day, emptying the coffins, he's busy with the dead!" says. but when you stay for more than a few hours, you get used to it. everywhere is dead, after a while you are no different from the dead with the effect of the crying you hear around. gasilhane is an ideal place to understand life...


a strange place where the water flowing through the marble moves faster than the time spent in it.