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nice game but the average age is very low. the profile is as follows, 1. 1 teenager trying to talk in the chat section 2. a media person who never draws, only writes 3. an angry girl who takes it very seriously, estimated at 12 years old 4. an immoral person who has abusive nick and constantly swears 5. after knowing, he is in the chat for others to know bastards giving clues 6. weirdos like older me just trying to play.


drawing-guessing game site where the first life forms are worn in the rooms.



if you enter the english rooms, one the girl hangs out in each room. when it's his turn to draw, he draws a dick or something. i don't understand why we are such a nation..


it would be a great game if the age audience was not low. when you ask for age from the chat, you will most likely see that it says a maximum of 15. there is no problem in the game, but when the children create the audience of the game, it automatically starts to disgrace. for example, i was kicked out of the room just because i reported the man who used letters in his picture. by the way, profiles, users etc. it would be great if they add it. it looks so incomplete. (probably they'll add it in a few months.)


the game that becomes ridiculous when the user profile is between 10-15 years old. unfortunately, there is no man who can dare not to write. is it a coincidence that yav turks screw up every game they play so much? this was the case with you will not write! send those 10-15 years old to the park, to the counter strike, why do we have to face them in every part of the society?


in this game, i was describing the missile by drawing. suddenly everyone started to complain and a few people left the game. i think they misunderstood the missile.


if you do not enter with friends, it is a platform where it is close to impossible to translate a good game. the average age is very low. kids don't really care about the rules because most of the time they're here to be "knk" or "sew" with someone. as a 25 year old person who loves to draw, i request that these teenagers be fired from immediately.*