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bought a game from a store with a lot of points, the game is in russian, it doesn't change the language or something, fuck it, the game is broken. and the stores are full. most likely, all of the comments in the store were not approved even though i wrote a negative comment when i entered it. do not shop from this site, do not have it done.


it is a game-oriented e-commerce site that i have preferred to get a steam wallet code for two years. it is possible to use it for all in-game products and original games.


have never seen such service, such speed, such quality. we use it fondly as a family.


i will buy one game, the site that asks for every information from date of birth to tc id number. i want to ask what you will do with my tc identity number. raises doubts in minds.


i'm going to buy a game, amk. what are you going to do, my tc number, my birth, my phone. they even say take your shit off and send your id picture. it's okay, let's build the house and the car on you. most likely they are making a tc and phone database. get well soon to the giver.


now that i'm a new writer, people shouldn't think they're advertising, but i'm here to tell those who are curious and that it's safe. it is definitely a place to consider if you are going to buy bulk games with the addition of 20 percent to steam discounts. i bought a 5 game and had no problems. customer service chat is also very fast.


i bought assetto corsa, pubg, ets2 and f1 2017 from this site, it came in a short time without any problems. the games come as a gift to the account. there is also an installment shopping option. i recommend.