game of thrones season 8 script leaked

game of thrones season 8 script leaked

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it feels totally real. huh, i don't know if they'll make changes because it leaked, but it's a pretty logical scenario down to every detail.


spoiler alert!! i read it, it says howland reed died of dragon fire, but after 5 or 6 paragraphs it continues that jon talks to howland reed for the last time. this scenario could be a fan edition. edit: @turuncubiber warned for spoilers.


the leaked script overlaps with the first episode in outline. a silly finale is coming. the aim is to eat the bread of this series for years with the spin-off.


the guys made a statement about a week ago that we haven't started writing the script yet. still leaked script still leaked script...


the most detailed and the one is as follows, it contains heavy spoilers. --- spoiler ---…enaryosu-tamamen-sizdirildi/ --- spoiler ---


spoiler so i think this scenario is completely fan-made. --- s


supposedly leaked scenario where 80% of things are wrong for the first episode. only a few minor events took place. the locations are similar but the characters are wrong, the events are more or less. in short, don't be afraid, it hasn't leaked.


true so far:…oilers_for_got_episodes_46/