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it is a word used by almost every citizen of kayseri without age restrictions. it is generally used as a result of the person trying to have a status like i am a native of kayseri without being disguised..


the word used in various parts of anatolia in the form of gadan alam, which means trouble, a kind of prayer that includes the feelings of love and self-sacrifice that we encounter in folk songs in the form of gadan ben alam


it means 'to die instead', 'to be a victim'. for example, it means 'i took the woman', 'let the accident happen to me' or 'i am a victim'. my late father used to say to my sister 'my daughter from whom i bought the woman' to show his love. i wouldn't understand what it was, but it was obvious from his eyes that he was saying sentimental things.


phrase that smells of self-sacrifice, which can be summarized as "i will sacrifice myself for you, let me take your sin", which is often used by the people of kars. in fact, another expression used by the local people is to call the potato "kartol". someone always calls me a cardboard nose..


in number seven, yusuf stump haldır huldur used to say this. super mold. marvelous token of love.


frequently used phrase in kayseri


to take his sin is to take his sin. in fact, the most common usage is "gadan, trouble come to me". which means to take all the bad things that will happen to the person in this world and the next world and to make him happy in both worlds.


mr. prime minister said this word, which means "let your sins be mine", at the kayseri meeting today. don't worry, the "gada" he received is well above the limit.